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Garmin Forerunner 965: Everything we know so far

Feb 25, 2023

Garmin smartwatches are quite popular in many countries. Its watches are known for durable build, accurate tracking for outdoor activities.

The company has a bunch of smartwatch series and the Forerunner is one of their major selling series.

And soon they are going to launch the new Forerunner watches as early as in the first half of March 2023.

The upcoming forerunner series will include Forerunner 965 (premium) and Forerunner 265 watches (budget). Here’s the leaked specs of Forerunner 965.

The upcoming Garmin Forerunner 965 has smaller bezels which is known through previous leaks. It also rumored have bigger start/stop button.


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As per leaks, the Forerunner 965 is expected to have bigger display of size 1.4-inch. And it is going to be an AMOLED display.


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It is expected that the Forerunner 965 battery could last around 23 days in smartwatch mode, and 31 hrs in GPS Mode.


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The watch will be available in color combinations: Black / Yellow / Silver Grey. Since its a leak there could be more or different colors.


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The watch is already listed on some ecommerce sites. And as per listing the watch may cost US$599.99.


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