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Sep 14, 2022

How to Get Bitmoji Watchface on wearOS Watches

Bitmoji has arrived on the wearOS watchface. Currently the new Bitmoji watchfaces are only available for wearOS 3.

If you have a smartwatch running wearOS 3 or newer, you can install the Bitmoji watchface on your watch.

Search Bitmoji for wearOS in the Playstore on your phone. You will see your watch, select the watch and install the app.

Now install Bitmoji app on your phone and setup account. You'll need it to connect to the Bitmoji Watchface app.

Now open your watch companion app like Galaxy Wearable. Under Watchface you will see Bitmoji watchface. Select it.

The new watchface will open on your watch, tap Get started > Connect to Bitmoji. This will open Bitmoji app on your phone.

On your phone, tap the Connect button and then allow it in the browser. Once connected, tap Continue on your Watch.

That's it, you can now use the new Bitmoji watchface on your wearOS smartwatch. You can also customize it.

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