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Google teases watch faces of Pixel Watch

Google is launching the Pixel Watch on October 6th at its Made by Google event.

In recent days, Google teasing the upcoming Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch. Today, Google teased the watch faces of Pixel Watch.

The analog watch face shows off the hours mark with pill shape for 3/6/9 hours and triangle for 12.


Pixel Watch looks stunning in the simple digital watch face, thanks to the stylish Google font.

The Digital Face

For those want to stay updated with activities then here's an analog watch face with activities.

Analog with Activity

Yes, there's a digital face as well!

Digital with Activity

For simplicity, there's a default analog watch face with stylish hour, minute, and second hand along with one activity shortcut.

The Default

There's another analog watch face with Google Assistant shortcut.

Analog with Assistant

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