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How much does it cost Google to make the Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch was launched last year as a new Wear OS competitor. And it's already one of the top Wear OS watches.

The Google Pixel not only looks good and delivers amazing performance, but the watch is also affordable.

The Google Pixel Watch was launched last year with price tag of $349 (WiFi)/ $399 (LTE) in the US.

Many of you must have wondered how much it actually cost Google to make the Pixel Watch. Now you can know the cost, thanks to Counterpoint Research.

A recent report from Counterpoint Research reveals the BoM, Bill of Materials for the Google Pixel Watch.

According the the report, the Pixel Watch costs $123 but it does not include R&D and marketing costs. This is a cost of materials.

Processing+Memory - 26.9% Display - 17.2% Casing+Waterproof+Thermal Treatment - 14.7% Sensors - 8.3% PCB+Passives+Other - 7.2%

Battery+Charging - 6.1% Connectivity - 5.3% Cellular - 5% Watch Bands - 3.3% PMIC+Audio - 3.3% Vibrator+Driver - 2.8%

As you can see the Cellular cost is included, it could be the cost for LTE model.

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