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Huawei reveals Smartwatch integrated with earbuds

Smartwatches are getting better and better every year. Innovations are playing an important role in this.

There are many popular brands that make cool smartwatches, and Huawei is one of those brands.

Huawei is known for some accurate health tracking which goes head to head with the Apple Watch series.

Huawei reveals a new smartwatch which is quite unique and innovative. Here’s what its about.

The Smartwatch has a hidden pair of earbuds inside it. The smartwatch is like a case for the Huawei earbuds.

Interesting isn't it? You can call it Huawei Watchbuds. It's a pretty cool Watch and already confirmed by Huawei.

Video: QSQTechnology

QSQTechnology posted an early hands on video that shows the Huawei Watch Buds in action.

Users can find the earbuds by opening the top lid or the dial of the watch. The top lid and earbuds both are magnetic.

Video: QSQTechnology

Even though the smartwatch has built-in earbuds, it doesn't seem to have much depth in the watch.

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