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9 Tips to Improve Battery Life on Google Pixel Watch

After several leaks and much hype, Google launched its first smartwatch 'Pixel Watch' this quarter.

The Google Pixel watch is one of the best smartwatches with a minimalist and sleek design. And it works flawlessly.

But its battery is not impressive and lasts barely 24 hours on a single charge. Here are 9 tips to boost battery performance on Pixel Watch.

Always on display is one of the most power hungry features that users should avoid when it's not required. Turn it off from Display Settings.

Turn off AOD

If you have both phone and watch with you at the same time, then you don't need location services enabled on both devices.

Turn off GPS

If you have set the brightness to maximum then it is also consuming battery faster. So set the brightness to a level which is visible.

Reduce Brightness

Sunlight boost is like HDR which boosts the brightness level to maximum in sunlight. It is available under display settings.

Sunlight Boost

If you are not a fan of vibration and haptics, you can turn it off. You can turn it off from Settings > Vibration.

Turn off haptics

Colorful watchfaces and informative watchfaces with many complications require more battery. You can set minimal watchface to save battery.

Set Minimal Watchface

By default the watch is set to 15 seconds for screen timeout. You can set it to 10 seconds from Display settings.

Reduce Screen Timeout

If you are traveling and want the most battery life you can enable the battery saver. It limits some functions for more battery.

Battery Saver

Too many notifications on the watch can be irritating and power consuming so only allow notifications from important apps.

Turn off unnecessary notifications

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