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Jan 03, 2023

Is the Apple Watch SE 2 Waterproof?

The Apple Watch SE is a budget smartwatch series from Apple for those who want less specs at an affordable price.

The Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra are premium watches and come with top of the line features including water resistance and more.

But as Apple Watch SE 2 is an affordable variant, you might have a question in your mind that is it waterproof or not? let's find out.

It is obvious that the Watch SE 2 does not have the same water resistance rating as Watch Series 8 and Watch Ultra.

The Apple Watch SE 2 is water resistant up to 50 meters. So it is fine in case of shower, limited swimming and surfing.

In addition the water that comes into contact with the watch must be fine and not excessively hot or mixed with chemicals such as soaps and detergents.

The Watch SE can not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing or other high pressure water activities. Avoid using the watch at depths of 50 meters or more.

The Apple Watch SE 2 is not dust resistant, which means it does not come with an IP6X rating.

Also the water resistance capability will reduce over time, so users need to avoid using it on water over time.

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