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Samsung officially teases the Galaxy Watch 6 Series

Everyone is waiting for the upcoming big event from Samsung which is called Samsung Event. It is scheduled for July 26.

From last couple of months there had been so many leaks, thanks to these leaks we have enough information about devices expected to lauch at the event.

The new version of Galaxy Watches are also going to launch at the event. There will be two models Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic.

Yes, Samsung is bringing back the Classic model. And yes it will have the lovable rotating bezels that was removed last year.

With only a few days remaining at the event, Samsung officially teased Galaxy Watch 6 in a new photo.

Samsung Mobile tweeted a photo with someone wearing Galaxy Watch 6 classic. Well it looks like the classic model from the visible angle.

The tweet says ‘Can you guess whose hand it is? And what's on his wrist? Here’s a hint… He is closely related to the number #seven! Find out SOoN7!’

From the hint, Son Heung-min could be the one who is wearing the watch as he wears number 7 Jersey and his name starts with Son (SOoN7).

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