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These five features coming to Apple Watch soon

Apple is the biggest tech company for many reasons. One of the main reasons is continuous support and product improvements.

Apple watches already release with so many features and thanks to Apple its watches get more options with updates.

There are a few features coming to the Apple Watch through the watchOS 9 update. Here are five key features.

It is a feature coming to Apple Watch Ultra. With this feature, the watch can detect tracks and ask lane for accurate pace.

Track Detection

It is coming to Workout app soon. This will help you race against your last or your best performance on the same route.

Race Route

If you plan to travel outside your state with your Apple Watch 8 series, you would be soon be able to use International roaming.

International Roaming

HomeKit will receive multiple new options soon. It include more controls to Kids if invited by parents, add hotel and keys, and more.

HomeKit Update

Oceanic+ is a third party app that Apple will be using on Apple Watch to calculate depth, water temperatures, condition like tides and more.


These are some main features coming to Apple Watch soon, maybe by end of this year or early next year.

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