How to Lock Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 [Lock/Unlock/Remove Lock]

The Galaxy Watch 5 is currently the latest smartwatch series from Samsung. And there are only a few competitors in the market that match the performance of the Galaxy Watch 5. It checks off all the features a smartwatch should have including a smartphone style lock screen. Yes, you can use pattern lock and pin lock. Here’s the guide on how to lock Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

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A lock is an important part of security for any device, be it a smartphone, computer, or smartwatch. Well in Smartwatches it is inconvenient to put a lock because of the small screen. But there are many reasons to apply the lock and these reasons can vary from user to user.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 lock does not work like a phone lock. You can’t lock the watch using the power button like you can on a smartphone. This is for convenience because if you don’t use Always On Display you will have to enter the pattern or PIN every time.

How to Enable Lock on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The lock option is only available on the watch and not on the companion app ‘Galaxy Wearable.’ So for this, you don’t need your phone to apply the lock on your smartwatch. Here is how you can apply lock on Galaxy Watch 5.

  1. From the main Watch Face swipe up to open App Drawer.
  2. Now look for the Settings icon and open it.
  3. On the Settings page, scroll down and tap the Security option.
    How to Lock Galaxy Watch 5
  4. Under security, you will find Lock Type.
    How to Lock Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  5. Choose which lock type you want to apply, either Pattern lock or Pin lock.
    How to Lock Galaxy Watch 5
  6. Set the lock and choose if you want to show information or hide information.
    How to Lock Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Once you unlock your Galaxy Watch 5, the watch will be unlocked until you remove the watch from your wrist. The Watch detects well in case of a snug fit. So make sure you have the best fit on your wrist while wearing the watch as a loose fit may lead to lock the watch all the time.

How to Unlock Galaxy Watch 5

The lock mechanism of the Galaxy Watch 5 is quite simple. When you remove the Watch, the lock will be applied and you need to re-enter your password or pattern. If you want it to lock every time you press the button, it doesn’t work that way. The Watch automatically detects the fit on the user’s wrist and locks the watch when it detects the watch is removed.

To unlock the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, simply tap the screen or press the top button and it will show the page where you can enter the Pattern or Pin based on whatever you have selected. Once you enter the password you can access the Galaxy Watch 5.

How to Remove Pattern or PIN Lock from Galaxy Watch 5

In case the Galaxy Watch 5 lock is not suitable for you, you can always remove the lock from your watch. Here is what you need to do to remove the lock.

  1. Open Settings on your Galaxy Watch 5 either from Quick Settings or App Drawer.
  2. Now open Security settings.
  3. Open the Lock Screen and then enter your password to unlock.
  4. It will open Lock Type, here you can select None.
    How to Remove Lock from Galaxy Watch 5
  5. Once you select the None option, the lock will be removed from your Galaxy Watch 5.
    How to Remove Lock from Galaxy Watch 5

So this is how you can set and remove lock from Galaxy Watch 5. Yes applying and removing the lock is quite easy. Now the choice is up to users if they want to apply the lock or not based on their experience. To test the convenience you should try using your Watch with lock for a couple of days. In case we missed any important information, make sure to share it with us in the comment section.

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