How to use Spotify on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (with and without phone)

Check the guide to set up Spotify, pair Spotify, use Spotify without a phone, and play Spotify offline on your Galaxy Watch 5.

Samsung’s latest smartwatch series runs on wearOS just like its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4. Galaxy Watch 5 comes with various features including entertainment features like playing music online and offline. And when it comes to music, Spotify is the best app. Here’s how to setup Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5 and use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5 with and without phone.

Since wearOS is similar to Android there are a bunch of apps to install on the Watch. However, Spotify and Youtube Music are just two of the best music streaming apps available for the Galaxy Watch 5. Spotify is popular because it has a great collection of songs and podcasts and is optimized for smartwatches, even non-wearOS watches.

Is Spotify available for Galaxy Watch 5?

Yes, Spotify is available on Galaxy Watch 5. As the Galaxy Watch 5 runs on wearOS and Spotify is available for wearOS, you can download it from the PlayStore on your Galaxy Watch 5 just like you do on Android OS.

Can you use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5 without Phone?

You can use Spotify on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 even when it is not connected to a phone. It is possible if your Watch is connected to WiFi or when you already have downloaded playlists for offline music.

Spotify Limitation on Galaxy Watch 5

There is a limitation on Spotify for wearOS and it also applies to Galaxy Watch 5. Spotify for Galaxy Watch 5 only works when you connect your Watch to wireless earphones or headphones.

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How to Install Spotify on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Now that you know most things about wearOS for Spotify, it’s time for the installation guide. Spotify does not come pre-installed on the Galaxy Watch 5 and so you will need to download Spotify on your Galaxy Watch manually.

You can install Spotify from Galaxy Watch 5 and from the connected phone as well.

From Galaxy Watch 5:

  1. Connect your Watch to the WiFi. Bluetooth will also work but it will be slow.
  2. Swipe up from the Watch Face screen to bring app drawer.
  3. Tap the Play Store icon.
    How to use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5
  4. Tap the search button and search for Spotify.
    How to use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5
  5. Now from the result open Spotify and tap Install.
    How to use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5
  6. It will start downloading Spotify on your Watch and wait for installation.

From your Phone connected to Galaxy Watch 5:

  1. Make sure your Watch is connected to your Phone.
  2. Now open the Play Store and search for Spotify.
  3. You will see a small drop down tap on it and select Watch. If Spotify is already installed on your phone then you will see ‘Available on more devices’, expand it and tap Install.
    How to use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5
  4. It will take some time to install on your Watch. And once done you can proceed further.

After installing Spotify, you won’t be able to use it, unless you pair Spotify for watch with your account. Here’s how to pair your Spotify with code.

How to Pair Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5

  1. Install Spotify on your phone.
  2. Now login to Spotify app with your account info.
  3. On your Watch, open Spotify and you will see an option to Pair with phone.
  4. Tap on Pair on Phone and it will launch a Spotify page on your phone.
    How to use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5
  5. Now on your phone tap on Pair Now.
    How to use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5
  6. Now wait for a few seconds and the Spotify on your watch will be paired with your account.

You can also pair without installing Spotify on your phone. To do that open Spotify website in a browser and log in with your credentials. Now go to the pair page and enter the code that you find on the Spotify app for Watch.

Now you can stream music on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 using Spotify.

How to Play Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5 without Phone

If you’re away from your phone, you can still enjoy Spotify on your watch, provided you have an active internet connection, whether by cellular or WiFi. I assume that you have already added your Spotify account using the method above.

  1. Connect your Galaxy Watch 5 to WiFi or an internet connection if you have an LTE model.
  2. Once your watch has access to the internet, swipe up from watch face to open the App drawer.
  3. Now launch Spotify on your Galaxy Watch 5.
  4. You can now access Spotify content.
    How to use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5
  5. Now connect your Bluetooth earphone or headphone to enjoy music streaming.

How to Play Spotify Offline on Galaxy Watch 5

Many times we are away from the internet or away from the phone. And in that case, you’ll want to listen to Spotify offline. You can listen to Spotify in offline mode if you have a premium account. Here are the steps:

  1. Pair your Spotify account on your watch with your phone from the above method.
  2. Make sure you have a premium Spotify account.
  3. Open Spotify on your Watch.
  4. Now open your favorite playlist. You will see the Download to Watch button right below the playlist info.
    How to use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5
  5. Tap on the Download and it will begin downloading the playlist.
  6. Once downloaded, you can access the whole playlist in the Download section.
    How to use Spotify on Galaxy Watch 5
  7. And you can play downloaded tracks even offline.

So you must prepare your playlist before you go offline. This way you can play songs on Spotify in any case such as offline and without a phone.

So this is the complete guide on how to use Spotify on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. If you listen to music, then this is the guide you need. I hope you find the guide useful. In case of any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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