How to Reset Amazfit T Rex 2 Smartwatch (Soft Reset and Hard Reset)

Having trouble with your new Amazfit T Rex 2? Here's how to factory reset Amazfit T Rex 2 to fix any issues with the smartwatch.

The Amazfit T Rex 2 is the latest rugged smartwatch from Amazfit. Rugged watches are best for outdoor sports and other activities to track fitness and other parameters. And Amazfit has released a bunch of sports watches so far and the T rex 2 is the company’s current latest watch packed with new hardware and better software. But since it is a gadget, there are chances that you may encounter some problems. And if you do, this guide is for you. Here you will learn how to reset Amazfit T Rex 2 watch.

Resetting a smartwatch can fix any software-related issues. And for that matter, it works on any tech device like smartphones, TVs, PCs, and wearables. Some of the common problems you might encounter while using Amazfit t rex 2 are frozen screen, stutter, unable to unpair watch, software update problems, and more. And for all these problems you can try one solution and that is to reset the Amazfit t rex 2.

How to Reset Amazfit T Rex 2

The Amazfit smartwatch runs on Zepp OS which is quite impressive as it helps the Amazfit watches to last longer on a single charge. The new Amazfit T Rex 2 also comes with Zepp OS. Zepp OS includes a simple user interface that simplifies the daily use of the watch. It resembles WearOS but with far fewer features.

Since the interface of the Amazfit T Rex 2 is similar to that of a smartphone, functions like power off, power on, reset and reboot are very easy. So you will not have any problem following the steps given in this guide.

Whenever there is a problem with a tech device, the most common solutions that we use are restart and reset. Well, the first option should always be to restart and then reset. Reboot or restart is also considered a soft reset. Hard reset deletes everything like data, connected devices, and everything. But soft reboot does not affect the system. So if you face any problem then follow the steps on how to soft reset and hard reset your Amazfit T Rex 2.

How to Reset Amazfit T Rex 2 (Soft Reset)

Soft Reboot can fix simple issues on the Amazfit T Rex 2 watch. So if your watch is running slow or has some related issue then you can try these steps.

Power Off:

  • On your Amazfit T Rex 2, swipe to the right from the watch face screen/default screen.
  • It will bring the Apps screen on your Watch which will have different options.
  • Scroll down until you find the Settings option.
    Reset Amazfit T Rex 2
  • Now open Settings to bring more options.
  • Scroll down and open the System. This is where you will find options like Power off.
    Reset Amazfit T Rex 2
  • Tap on Shut Off and then confirm to turn off your Amazfit T Rex 2.
    Reset Amazfit T Rex 2

You can also press and hold the select button to power off and restart the watch.

Power On:

Powering on the Amazefit T Rex 2 is simple and similar to the other smartwatches. All you need to do is press and hold the Select button until you see the Amazefit logo. And in a few seconds, the Watch will be On.

Now let’s move to the Hard Reset guide.

How to Reset Amazfit T Rex 2 (Hard Reset)

Hard reset will remove everything from the watch and make it similar to a new watch. It means you will also have to pair Amazfit T Rex 2 with your Smartphone. Follow the steps given below to reset your watch.

  1. On your smartwatch swipe right to open apps.
  2. Scroll down and open Settings.
  3. Now look for System and open it.
  4. In the System scroll down to the bottom and tap on the Factory Reset option.
    Reset Amazfit T Rex 2
  5. It will now ask for confirmation, tap on the right icon.
    Reset Amazfit T Rex 2
  6. The watch will reset and remove all the information and data from the watch.
  7. After the reset, the watch will automatically restart.

Now you can pair your Amazfit T Rex 2 with your smartphone again to enjoy using the watch. The new Amazfit T Rex 2 is an amazing smartwatch but some issues can degrade the user experience and I hope with this step you can regain the user experience. So that’s all on how to reset Amazfit T Rex 2. In case you still have any issues, you can mention them in the comment section.

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