How to Turn On and Turn Off Water Lock on Galaxy Watch 5

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Want to know about the Galaxy Watch 5 Water Lock Mode? Here is complete detail including how to turn it on and off.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is still one of the top smartwatches six months after its launch. It is because the Galaxy Watch 5 packs powerful components fused with the One UI Watch. There are almost all the features that a smartwatch should have including the Water Lock. This is a feature that is quite useful during water activities. Here you will know how to turn on Water Lock and turn off Water lock on Galaxy Watch 5.

Smartwatches are often used to track activities including physical activities that include water like Swimming, Aqua aerobics, Canoeing, Surfing, and more. Without this feature, anyone would think multiple times before wearing the watch in water activity.

What does Water Lock do on Galaxy Watch 5?

When enabled, the Water Lock feature prevents the watch from accidental touches. As you know displays can act on their own if water drops make contact with the display. And this is going to happen all the time when you are in Water, so the Water Lock feature is a must for any smartwatch.

Along with the touch, Water Lock also disables wake up gestures and always on feature. Turning on some Water related activities like Swimming mode, the Water Lock will activate automatically.

How to Turn On Water Lock on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Now that you already know where the feature is used and its importance, follow this guide to enable it.

As mentioned earlier entering activities like Swimming on Galaxy Watch 5 automatically activates Water Lock. But if you want to enable water lock on Galaxy Watch 5 manually, you can easily do that too. Here’s the process.

  1. From the main watch face, swipe down.
  2. It will bring Quick Settings where you will find multiple shortcuts.
  3. Now swipe to the left to bring more options, here you will find an icon with a water droplet.
    How to turn off Water Lock on Galaxy Watch 5
  4. If it’s not available, swipe left until you find the Add icon, and then add it from there.
    How to turn off Water Lock on Galaxy Watch 5
  5. Tap on the Water icon and it will enable Water Lock on your Galaxy Watch 5.
    How to turn off Water Lock on Galaxy Watch 5

That’s all you have to do to enable the Water Lock mode on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series. Now let’s talk about how to deactivate Water Lock.

How to Turn Off Water Lock on Galaxy Watch 5

Unlike auto activate, the Water Lock mode will not turn off automatically. Yes turning it off is quite easy though.

  1. Make sure the Water Lock mode is activated.
  2. Press and hold the Home Key for 2 seconds.
    How to turn off Water Lock on Galaxy Watch 5
  3. Release the key once you feel the vibration.
  4. It will now make noise and eject the water that is in your Watch.
    How to turn off Water Lock on Galaxy Watch 5

Wait for the water to eject and that’s all. You have now turned off the Water Lock mode.

The water that is ejected during the process is from the speaker. The water doesn’t actually go inside the Watch, it is blocked in the outer surface where water resistance material is used. So don’t freak out when water is thrown out of your Watch.

So that’s all on how to enable Water Lock and how to disable Water Lock on Galaxy Watch 5. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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