Can I Swim with my Google Pixel Watch?

Google entered the smartwatch market with its Pixel Watch. There’s no doubt that it is one of the best-looking smartwatches on the market, but does this gorgeous-looking design cut down other features like water resistance and durability? And can I wear my Google Pixel Watch while swimming? Let’s find it out here.

Can you swim with Google Pixel Watch?

Google Pixel Watch is water resistant and comes with a 5 ATM rating, which means the watch can handle the pressure of up to 50 meters (or 164 feet) of water. Although there’s no clear answer available on the Pixel Watch’s support forum, instead they mentioned that the watch can endure some rain, shallow pools, and sweat from exercise, and should not be immersed in water for more than 24 hours. So, yes, you can go swimming with your Pixel Watch.

But you need to take care of a few things, high-speed swimming, soapy water, salt water, and other forms of liquid may damage the watch, so take care of these things. Also, the watch should not be used in high temperatures, which might be found in saunas and hot tubs.

Apart from the above-mentioned details, try to avoid using the side button in the water, as it can cause damage to the watch. There are some chances of water breaking the warranty seal when you use the button around the water. So, try to avoid it.

Once your watch is exposed to the water, there’s no need to do anything to inject the water from the watch, if you try to do something there are chances that more water can go inside the watch than normal, so try to avoid these activities. If you follow these practices, you should be ok.

Does the Pixel Watch come with water-based exercises?

Yes, the Google Pixel Watch includes over 40 water-based activities/exercises including surfing, thanks to the Fitbit integration. You can use these exercises while you go swimming with your Pixel Watch.

Are Google Pixel Watch Bands Waterproof?

Not all watch straps / bands available for the Pixel Watch are waterproof, you can check more details on the bands on Google’s official website.

What type of water can damage the Pixel Watch?

Any form of Salt Water and high-temperature water usually found in hot tubs and saunas can make harm your Google Pixel Watch.

Does the Pixel Watch warranty cover water damage?

No, Google has officially confirmed that any damage caused to Pixel Watch by liquid will not be covered in the warranty.

So, now you know that you can wear Google Pixel Watch during swimming, if you still have any queries, then leave them down in the comment section. Also, feel free to share this article with your friends.

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