Can you measure Temperature on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5?

Curious about the new Galaxy Watch 5 temperature sensor? Here's everything you need to know.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the latest version of the Galaxy smartwatch. It comes with a bunch of useful improvements over last year’s Galaxy Watch 4. The new temperature sensor is one of the new additions to the Galaxy Watch 5. But can you measure Temperature on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 using the new sensor? let’s find out.

Galaxy Watch 4 vs Galaxy Watch 5

There are several Galaxy Watch 5 features that are similar to the older Galaxy Watch 4. Things that remain unchanged include display size, design, RAM, storage, processor, operating system, and band size.

Talking about new features, if we exclude things like the new watch face from the software side then the changes are limited. New additions include a sapphire crystal display, increased battery power, and a new temperature sensor.

Since the temperature sensor is the new addition to the Galaxy Watch, it is common that many people would be looking for a guide on how to measure the temperature on the Galaxy Watch 5. And so here we will clear all doubts about the new temperature sensor in the Galaxy Watch. 5.

Can you measure Temperature on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5?

No, you cannot measure your body temperature using the temperature sensor on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. It is a temperature sensor but its purpose on the watch is not directly linked to body temperature. It uses skin temperature indirectly for sleep tracking but users cannot control it manually.

There is no option to start tracking body temperature manually like other health features like heart rate, ECG, BP, and blood oxygen. And there is no temperature data in the Samsung Health app either. The new sensor works automatically for sleep tracking only.

What is the actual use of Temperature Sensor in Galaxy Watch 5

So now you must be wondering where it will be used then if we cannot use temperature sensor to track body temperature. Well, the only use of the temperature sensor in the Galaxy Watch 5 is for better sleep tracking.

How to Measure temperature on Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung advertised a new temperature sensor as well as improved sleep tracking. The new improved Sleep tracking uses skin temperature to show more accurate sleep results and health tips for better sleep.

Apple also released its new Watch Series 8 which includes a temperature sensor and is used for menstrual cycle tracking.

Will there be any use of Temperature sensor in the future?

The answer is going to be exclusive on the Galaxy Watch 5. The inclusion of a temperature sensor may open up some use cases for third-party developers. So we can see more ways to use temperature sensor in third-party apps. But till 1 month after release, there is no app available using this sensor. It is unlikely we’ll see other use cases any time soon, but it’s possible.

Now some health tracking limits have been imposed by the government in various areas. So it is possible that the new temperature sensor may not even be useful for sleep tracking if the government of your country or state does not allow it.

Talking about the Temperature sensor in the USA, it isn’t enabled yet even for sleep tracking because it requires FDA approval just like the blood pressure which is also not enabled in the USA. It’s over 1 year since the release of the Galaxy Watch 4 and the blood pressure isn’t approved yet which means the chances for temperature sensor approval seem zero.

If you are in a different region and blood pressure tracking is available there then if Samsung brings other use cases for temperature sensors then you might be able to use them.

So now you know the Temperature sensor on Galaxy Watch 5 is not useful other than the sleep tracking. And so if you are planning to upgrade just because of the new sensor or buying it hoping the temperature tracking will be enabled in the future then I will say it’s not worth it.

I hope you got your answers regarding the temperature sensor in Galaxy Watch 5. If you have any queries regarding the Galaxy Watch 5 let us know in the comment section.

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