Can you Connect Google Pixel Watch to iPhone?

Pixel Watch is the first smartwatch by Google. Check if you can use it with iPhone or not.

Google finally entered the smartwatch market with its first Google Pixel Watch. Pixel Watch is one of the well-designed smartwatches and even the large bezels can be overlooked. If you like the watch and are thinking of buying it then you should know about its compatibility.

The Pixel Watch apparently works with Android phones, but will it work with the iPhone? Here you can check if you can connect Google Pixel Watch to iPhone.

The Pixel Watch runs on Google’s own wearOS. wearOS is now popular thanks to Samsung for including it on their Galaxy Watch. This gave the wearOS the much needed push. But as you know that Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 do not support iPhones, the same question arises for Google Pixel Watch as well.

iPhone users in the US are more than Android users and so at least some percent of iPhone users might be interested in the Pixel Watch. Apple watches are great but many users prefer a circular design so they look for other smartwatches. But the problem is that not all smartwatches work with the iPhone.

Connect Google Pixel Watch to iPhone

Google now owns the Fitbit brand and has already launched two new smartwatches last month after acquiring the brand. Both Fitbit smartwatches support Android and iOS. And since Fitbit is now from Google, one would think that the Pixel Watch would also support iPhones.

Is the Google Pixel Watch Compatible with iPhone?

No, Google Pixel Watch does not support iPhones. The new Google Watch is only compatible with the Google Pixel and other Android phones. The compatibility is similar to the recently launched Galaxy Watches.

wearOS is from Google and supports both Android and iOS. There may be a reason why Google has excluded support for iPhones on the Pixel Watch. However, no explanation has been given by Google on this. But the reason could be because of the Google services requirement which is missing on iPhones.

There are some wearOS powered smartwatches that work with both Android and iOS. The list includes Montblanc Summit 3 and more watches from other brands.

How to Connect Google Pixel Watch to iPhone

Since the new Google Pixel Watch isn’t compatible with iPhones, there’s no way to connect it to iPhones. So if you have an iPhone then avoid the new Google Pixel Watch. It only supports Android phones running Android 8.0 or above with the help of the Google Pixel Watch app.

The companion app is also not available on App Store which is required to connect the Pixel Watch to phones.

Will the Google Pixel Watch get iPhone support later?

Since Pixel Watch is the first smartwatch from Google and hence there are going to be more Galaxy Watches with every passing year. And so a general question arises as to whether Google Pixel will get iPhone support at a later date. By my guess, no, it’s unlikely that the Google Pixel watch will ever get support for iPhones.

If Google changes mind and brings iPhone support to successor watches then we will share it with you. The step that Samsung and Google are following might be because Apple Watches don’t support Android phones so why go do the opposite?

Google Pixel Watch Compatibility

If you are to purchase a Google Pixel Watch, then you should first check its compatibility. Not only the Pixel Watch but it applies to other devices as well. The compatibility requirement for Pixel Watch is quite easy and understandable. Without a doubt, the Google Pixel Watch is compatible with Pixel phones.

Apart from Pixel phones, the Pixel Watch is compatible with phones running Android 8.0 or more. However, to use the Fast Pair, you will need a Pixel Phone.

Google has not mentioned the hardware requirements like the RAM. But you can expect the minimum RAM requirement to be 1.5GB. Here are all the requirements.

  • Android 8.0+ phones
  • Google Service Support (GMS)
  • 1.5GB RAM (Expected)
  • Android Go might not be compatible (Expected)

Clearly, you will have the advantage if you own a Pixel Phone. wearOS is a Google product and so the Pixel Watch might be the best wearOS watch in performance. We can only tell after the experience.

Can you use Google Pixel Watch without Phone?

Google has released two versions of the Pixel Watch one that supports LTE and the other with only a WiFi/Bluetooth connection. For the WiFi and Bluetooth variant you can use it offline but only some features will be working if not connected to a phone. Also, you will need a Phone to set up the Pixel Watch.

And the LTE model is for the phone free experience. This means you can use almost all the features even when the Watch is not connected to a phone. You can enable the Internet directly on your Watch as it will have cell service.

So that’s all you need to know about the Google Pixel Watch compatibility. If you have an Android phone and you like the Pixel Watch then you are good to buy the Watch. But if you have an iPhone you should skip it. In case you have any queries do let us know in the connect section.

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