How to measure Blood Pressure on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Its easier to track Blood Pressure using the new Galaxy Watch 5. Check out how!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the latest Galaxy Watch which comes with various health tracking features including Blood Pressure measurement. If you have a Galaxy Watch 5 and want to know how to measure Blood Pressure on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 then this guide is for you.

Smartwatches are popular because of a vast category of features from multimedia to health tracking. Talking about Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, both models come with Blood Oxygen level, Blood Pressure, ECG, Heart Rate, Body Composition, and Sleep tracking features.

Blood Pressure is going to be the most useful feature after heart tracking as Blood Pressure problem easily catches too many people in their 40s or later. But Blood Pressure is not available in all regions so let’s start with some questions first.

Can Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 measure Blood Pressure

It depends on the region and the device connected to the Watch. Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comes with the Blood Pressure feature it is not enabled in many countries. It is because the Blood pressure features require approval from Government and if they don’t authorize then OEM can’t enable the feature officially.

Are there any unofficial methods to enable Blood Pressure on Galaxy Watch 5

Since the Galaxy Watch 5 runs on wearOS which is similar to Android there are always custom developments. In short, you can enable Blood Pressure on Galaxy Watch 5 even if it is not enabled by default. I will save the method for a different guide as it takes multiple methods to enable it.

But if the Blood Pressure is available in your Galaxy Watch 5 then you don’t have to do any extra work other than what is mentioned in this guide. So let’s jump into the procedure to use the Blood Pressure function in the Galaxy Watch 5.

How to Measure Blood Pressure on Galaxy Watch 5

Before moving to the guide, make sure you have paired the Galaxy Watch 5 to a phone. I will break the guide into many short steps to make the guide easier. The process to check blood pressure is a bit long and different from other health checks like heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen, and others. First, we have to calibrate the result with the blood pressure monitoring devices. I will explain everything in this guide.

Install Samsung Health Monitor App

Blood Pressure and ECG are two health tracking features that require a different app called Samsung Health Monitor. Other health functions require the Samsung Health app. Unfortunately, the Samsung Health Monitor is not available for non-Galaxy devices. Yes, you can follow an unofficial method to get it on all Android phones. The app must be installed on both the Galaxy Watch 5 and your Android phone.

The Monitor app is not available on Google Play Store so you will have to install the app from Samsung Galaxy Apps Store on your phone.

Calibrate Galaxy Watch5 for Blood Pressure

For this step, you will need a Blood Pressure monitor device other than Watch. The device will be used for only a few minutes so if you don’t have one you can borrow it from your friend or neighbors.

  1. Swipe up from the watch face screen to bring the Apps screen.
  2. Now open the Samsung Health Monitor app and select Blood Pressure.
    How to Measure Blood Pressure on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  3. Scroll down a bit and tap OK.
  4. This will open the Health Monitor app on your phone.
  5. On your phone accept and read the details.
  6. You will now see Calibrate the Watch button. Tap the button. Make sure you are wearing your Watch 5.
    How to Calibrate Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  7. It will show some steps that you have to perform. Tap Next > Next > Get Started > Next.
    How to Calibrate Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 How to Calibrate Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 How to Measure Blood Pressure on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  8. Fit the Blood Pressure monitor cuff on the arm opposite your watch and tap Next on your phone.
  9. Now turn on the Blood Pressure checking device and it will start measuring your blood pressure. Galaxy Watch 5 will also start measuring your BP automatically.
    How to Calibrate Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  10. Stay still and quiet until the measurement is done.
    How to Measure Blood Pressure on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  11. Once the measurement is completed on both devices, tap Yes, enter now button and type the readings that you got in the specific BP checker device.
    How to Measure Blood Pressure on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  12. After entering the reading tap Next.
  13. Now repeat the process two more times. So in total, you have to record three readings to calibrate your Galaxy Watch 5.
    How to Measure Blood Pressure on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

You will get a message on your Galaxy Watch 5 that Calibration finished. Scroll down and tap the OK button. You can now remove the cuff unless you want to compare the BP reading of the device and Galaxy Watch 5.

How to Calibrate Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung advises its users to calibrate the Galaxy Watch 5 with the specific device at least once every month for an accurate reading. Once you have calibrated Galaxy Watch 5, it’s time to find the steps to measure BP directly from the Watch.

Steps to Measure BP on Galaxy Watch 5

If you have calibrated Galaxy Watch 5 to the readings on the blood pressure machine, you can now use your Watch to check Blood Pressure readings.

  1. From the Watch Face swipe to the left until you find the Blood Pressure tile. Or you can also open it from Samsung Health Monitor app on the Watch.
  2. If the Blood Pressure tile is not present then you can Add Tile from the option available at last.
  3. When you open the Blood Pressure you will see the Measure Button.
  4. Tap on the measure button and then tap OK.
  5. It will start measuring your blood pressure. You need to stay still for the correct measurement.
  6. The report will display on the watch and will be sent to the Health Monitor app. The reading will be synced to the Samsung Health app as well.
    How to Measure Blood Pressure on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The sync between the Samsung Health Monitor app and the Samsung Health app doesn’t work on non-Galaxy devices. But you can use mod applications to make it work.

So that’s all on how to measure blood pressure using Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. I hope you find the guide useful. And for any queries related to Galaxy Watch 5 you can ask in the comment section.

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