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For the past few years, Samsung has been releasing its new Galaxy Watches in the third quarter of each year. And this year Samsung launched the new Galaxy Watch 6 on July 26 last month. This means it’s another opportunity for Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 users to grab a new set of watchfaces.

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 are both older Galaxy models, and you might be bored of the watch faces you’ve had on your devices for a while now. Although there are many watch faces available for download from third-party apps, many users avoid this option because of the time it takes to get them. Moreover, you may have already tried the watch faces provided directly through the Galaxy Wearable application.

If you’ve been looking forward to a wide range of watch faces from Samsung, your wait may be over. There are additional watch faces available now, and they come straight from the new Galaxy Watch 6.

Recently we shared a quick guide on how you can get Galaxy Watch 6 watchfaces on your Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4. But now the process is much easier as Galaxy Watch6 watchfaces are officially available for use on older Galaxy Watches. If you download the watch faces officially, you don’t need to follow the apk process that we mentioned in the last guide.

Samsung has its own Galaxy Store and the company publishes its new official watch faces in the store. It doesn’t require any third-party apps, which means you can install watchfaces directly from the Galaxy Store and they’ll show up your Watch and on the Galaxy Wearable app.

Here are the names of new Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces:

  • Sleep Coaching
  • Stretched Time
  • Fluid Number
  • Perpetual

Make sure your Galaxy Watch is connected to your phone before searching for watch faces.

Searching for these watchafces on Galaxy Store may not work as these are recently published and their availability varies by regions. So if you don’t find them directly, you can search for them on Google and then open the Galaxy Store link which will take you to the Galaxy Store page. You can now Install the watchface on your Watch from here. Repeat the process for all other watch faces.

Here are the direct links:

Sleep Coaching: Galaxy Store Link

Stretched Time: Galaxy Store Link

Fluid Number: Galaxy Store Link

Perpetual: Galaxy Store Link

Note: If there are more new watchfaces, I will add links here once I get to know new watchfaces names.

Once you install the watchface app from Galaxy Store, it will appear in Galaxy Wearable. And from there you can apply the new watchfaces.

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