How to Switch to Gboard on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 [Change Keyboard]

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Want to use Gboard on your Galaxy Watch 5? I got it covered.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is still one of the best smartwatches out there. It is quite popular for many reasons and one of them is being able to do many customizations. The Galaxy Watch 5 comes with a number of default apps that are from Samsung and includes the Samsung Keyboard.

While the Samsung keyboard is good, it cannot beat Gboard which is everyone’s first choice on phones and even smartwatches. Google keyboard comes with all the essential features required for typing. Some of the popular features are inbuilt themes, glide typing, auto-correction, and more.

As you know smartwatches have small display, and hence it is very important to have a good keyboard app so that typing can be done fast and accurately even on a small display. And Google keyboard known as Gboard is quite popular for its user-friendly design which makes typing easier and faster. If you don’t like Samsung’s default keyboard then switching to Gboard is a wise move.

How to Switch to Gboard on Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comes with a bunch of features thanks to Wear OS. Since it runs on Wear OS, users always have options to change default apps and install various third-party apps. To set Gboard in Galaxy Watch 5, you need to know both how to install apps and how to change default apps. Let’s find out how to do that.

How to Switch to Gboard on Galaxy Watch 5

How to Install Gboard on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

  1. Open the App drawer on your Galaxy Watch 5. To do that swipe up from the main watch face/homescreen.
  2. Now locate and open Play Store.
    How to Set Gboard on Galaxy Watch 5
  3. Tap on the Search button and type in Gboard.
    How to Set Gboard on Galaxy Watch 5
  4. From the results open Gboard and Install it on your Watch. Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi or to a phone with internet.

Note: You can also install Gboard on your Watch from your connected smartphone. Make sure your watch is connected and then open Play Store on your phone. Search for Gboard and select the Galaxy Watch 5 from the options that will appear after tapping on the drop down next to the green Install button.

How to Change Keyboard on Galaxy Watch 5

Once you have installed the Gboard on your Galaxy Watch 5, you are still a step away from using it. You can follow the given steps to set Gboard as the default keyboard for your Galaxy Watch 5. Yes, you can use the same method for other keyboard apps too.

Step 1: Swipe Up on the main Watch face on Galaxy Watch 5.

Step 2: Now open settings. You can also open Settings from Quick Settings which appear by swiping down.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap General settings.

How to Set Gboard on Galaxy Watch 5

Step 4: Next, go to Input > keyboard list and default.

Step 5: Tap the Default keyboard and select the Gboard option.

Step 6: That’s it, you can now use Gboard on your smartwatch.

Gboard is so useful that every time I get a new smartphone or smartwatch, making Gboard a default keyboard is always my priority. Yes, the Google Keyboard has most of the things we can ask for.

If you also use the Gboard on your device, let us know which is your favorite feature of the app. So that’s all on how to get Gboard on Galaxy Watch 5. In case you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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