How to Install Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces on Galaxy Watch 5 & Galaxy Watch 4

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Enjoy Galaxy Watch 6 Watchfaces on Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4.

It’s been a week since the launch of the Galaxy Watch 6. Although the new Galaxy Watch 6 is yet to go on sale, it is already available to content creators and in Samsung stores for hands-on experiences. Thanks to this, Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces are now available before the device’s actual release on August 11. Moreover, you can install Galaxy Watch 6 Watch Faces on both the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4.

New Watch Faces:

  • Stretched Time
  • Perpetual
  • Fluid Number
  • Sleep coaching Watchface

Update: Galaxy Watch 6 watch faces are now available in the Galaxy Store. You can download them using this guide.

Watchfaces are among the main content of a Smartwatch. And every smartwatch comes with many watch faces, so users don’t get stuck with just one display setup. Users can switch to other watch faces if they are bored with the current one to give their watch a completely new look. In Wear OS watches, you will find tons of watch faces along with the option to install more.

The new Galaxy Watch 6 series comes with some exciting new watch faces that you can’t find on the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4. And since the new watch faces of Galaxy Watch 6 are cool, you must be eager to get your hands on them. Thanks to the Galaxy Watch 6 watch faces apk pack shared by @Vetrox360, users now have the chance to enjoy these new watch faces on previous-generation Galaxy Watches.

How to Get Galaxy Watch 6 watchface on Galaxy Watch 5

If you know how to install apps manually on Galaxy Smartwatches, then this will be easy for you. If you don’t, worry not! After this guide, you will have new watchfaces on your previous Galaxy Smartwatches and knowledge on how to install apps manually if you have an APK file. Last year we shared a similar guide for getting Galaxy Watch 5 watchfaces on Galaxy Watch 4.

Download Galaxy Watch 6 Watchfaces

The new watch faces are cool, and there are even some animated ones that react to touches. So, if you want to increase your watch face collection by adding some new and cool designs, the Galaxy Watch 6 pack is waiting for you. You can download the Galaxy Watch 6 watch faces APK below. There are four Galaxy Watch 6 watch faces.

Now that you have downloaded the required apks, here are the requirements for the method to install apks.


  • Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4
  • Download Platform tools (android sdk tool) on your PC and Extract it
  • Copy downloaded apks to platform-tools folder (Extract if they are in compressed file like Zip)
  • Connect your Galaxy Watch and your PC to the same WiFi Network
  • Latest methods to install apps after Wear OS 4 Update (Follow This Guide)

Enable Developer Options and Debugging

To manually install apks on your Galaxy Watch, you need to have WiFi debugging enabled. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Open Settings on your Galaxy Watch.
  2. Scroll Down and open the About Watch Settings.
    How to Install Third Party Apps on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  3. Now open Software Information and here tap continuously on the Software version until it gives the message ‘Developer mode turned on’.
    How to Install Third Party Apps on Galaxy Watch 5
  4. Go back to Settings and here you will find a new setting ‘Developer Options’, open it.
  5. In Developer options enable ADB Debugging and Debug over wifi.
    How to Install Third Party Apps on Galaxy Watch 5
  6. It should show the IP address, note it down somewhere.

Install Galaxy Watch 6 Watchfaces on Galaxy Watch 5/4

You can rename apk files to an easier one to make the process easy. It is because you will have to type the name or drag-drop the files, so if you choose to enter the name manually it will take long.

  1. Navigate to the platforms folders where your apks are located and open CMD from there. You can type CMD in the address and press enter to open CMD from that location.
  2. Enter the below command on Command Window and tap Allow if you see a prompt on your Watch. If you are seeing an error on CMD regarding being unable to connect, make sure your watch and PC are connected to the same Network, also try turning off the Bluetooth but WiFi enabled during the process.
    • adb connect ‘IP Address’ (eg. adb connect
      How to Install Third Party Apps on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  3. Once the watch is connected to the PC over WiFi enter the below command to install third party app.
    • adb -s "IP address" install filename.apk (eg. adb -s install abc.apk)
      How to Install Third Party Apps on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  4. It will take some time to install the watchface to Galaxy Watch 5/4 over WiFi. So wait for the success message. Repeat the installation command for the other three watchface apks.
  5. Now you can access new watchfaces on your Galaxy Watch 5 or Watch 4.
  6. To disconnect the adb connection enter the below command.
    • adb disconnect

Once the need for adb debugging is completed, make sure to turn off the adb debugging in developer options to save battery life.

In case you don’t have access to a PC, but an Android phone, then you can follow the last method mentioned here.

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