Is the Apple Watch Series 9 Waterproof?

Apple introduces the new Watch Series 9 which dethrones Watch Series 8, to claim the latest Apple Watch title. This new Watch Series comes with several enhancements over last year’s Watch Series 8. When we decide to buy a new device, we often have many doubts about the device. And in the case of Apple Watch series 9, one of the common questions is about waterproof capabilities.

If you want to know whether Apple Watch Series 9 is waterproof or not? This guide is for you. Here I will answer your question with additional information which will also clear up your relevant doubts.

Unlike smartphones, smartwatches are often used in difficult situations as users do not have time to remove and wear them again in every challenging situation. Manufacturers are well aware of this, and that’s why smartwatches are becoming increasingly durable with each new generation of devices. Here we will specifically talk about the use of Apple Watch Series 9 in water.

Is Apple Watch Series 9 Waterproof?

No, the Watch Series 9 is not waterproof; rather, it is water-resistant. Water resistance does not provide a guarantee against water damage. However, with its water-resistant rating, you can safely use the Apple Watch Series 9 for various swimming activities.

Just like previous few Apple Watches, the Watch Series 9 is Water Resistance. Apple specified in its official website that the Apple Watch Series 9 is water-resistant to 50 meters under the ISO standard 22810:2010. Apple refers to this as ‘Swimproof,’ indicating that you can safely wear the Apple Watch Series 9 while swimming.

Is Apple Watch Series 9 Waterproof

If you engage in shallow-water activities, the Apple Watch Series 9 should have no issues.

Note: Water resistance can diminish over time as it’s not permanent. And it cannot be fixed. So, you need to take care of your watch if it’s old.

What you cannot do with Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Watch Series 9 is not suitable for all types of water activities, so you need to know where you can’t use your Apple Watch Series 9.

You should avoid using Apple Watch Series 9 for activities including high-velocity water activities or submerging the Watch below a depth of 50 meters. Therefore, you cannot use it for scuba diving, waterskiing and activities that break the water-resistant rating barrier.

What not to do while wearing Apple Watch 9

Once the device is in the hands of the users, it is their responsibility to take care of the device. Here are some points that you should avoid while wearing the Apple Watch Series 9.

  • Exposing the Watch in a soapy or chemically contaminated water
  • Taking the Watch in a high-pressure water activity or using below 50-meter depth
  • Wearing Apple Watch while cliff diving or high diving
  • Wearing Watch Series 9 in sauna
  • Dropping Apple Watch or colliding watch with hard objects

Best practices for using Apple Watch Series 9

To avoid any damage, you can follow some points which will let you keep the Apple Watch Series 9 in top standard.

Is Apple Watch Series 9 Waterproof
  • Clean your Watch with clean cloth and avoid using liquids
  • Dry your watch after water activity
  • Remove Water from your Watch after water activity (Watch ejects water after disabling the Water Lock, avoid blocking speaker while removing water)
  • Maintain battery percentage between 20 to 90 percent

If you don’t engage with high water pressure activities, and activity require submerging watch below the 50 meter water resistant rating, then you can go for the Apple Watch Series 9 without hesitation if you only concern was related to waterproof. You can wear the watch for swimming in pool or Ocean. You can also wear it in Shower, but avoid soapy water.

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