How to get Messenger on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 [2 Methods]

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the latest Wear OS watch from the company and it is quite popular. It is a full-fledged smartwatch equipped with many features. Unfortunately, Facebook Messenger is not available on the watch but you can get it manually. Here you will know how to get Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5.

Facebook Messenger is a popular platform and is used by millions of users. It is one of the oldest social media platforms and has many features including instant messaging as well. So it’s possible that Messenger is your main chatting platform for connecting with your friends and family.

If you are a Galaxy Watch 5 user, you will not find the Facebook Messenger app on the Play Store. This is because the app is not available for Wear OS. But you can still use Messenger on your Galaxy Watch 5 to receive messages or even use the full Messenger app on your wrist.

This is possible in different ways like sideloading recommended apps or changing settings for your watch. Here in this guide, we will share two different ways to get Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5. Obviously, the first way would be easier.

How to use Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5 via Settings

This method actually lets you able to send and receive Messenger messages on your Galaxy Watch 5 without installing the app on your watch. The task it let you perform will be limited. But this should be enough for most users since Messenger is mostly used for messaging and also other features will not look great on a small display. So let’s see how to get Messenger notifications on your Galaxy Watch 5.

  1. First, make sure Facebook Messenger is installed on your phone and already logged in to your account.
  2. Also, make sure the watch is connected to your phone.
  3. On your phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app.
    How to use Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5
  4. Open Watch Settings followed by Notifications.
    How to use Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5
  5. Tap App Notification on the next screen.
    How to get Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5
  6. Look for the Messenger application and turn it toggle to On.
    How to get Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5
  7. Go back to Notifications and choose Show phone notifications on the watch.
    How to use Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5
  8. From the available options select the second option which is ‘show alerts even when the phone in use’.
    How to get Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5

By changing these settings you will receive Messenger notifications on your Galaxy Watch along with the option to reply to those messages. This is an ideal solution who only want to receive Messenger notifications on their smartwatch. But in case you want the full app, you can follow the next method.

How to Get Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5 via sideloading

One of the plus points of Galaxy Watch 5 is that it runs on wear os which is a powerful operating system for smartwatches. It is just like Android OS for phones. This means you can also install apps manually which is called sideloading.

Now that Messenger is a heavy app, Meta formerly Facebook created a lite version of it. But the lite version is also made for the big screen. Luckily the older version of Messenger Lite works quite well on Galaxy Watch 5. So you need to download Messenger Lite APK on your PC (v25 or near recommended).

After downloading the APK file, you can install it manually by following our detailed guide. It’s a long process so make sure to follow each step right.

After installing the Messenger Lite apk to your Watch 5, you will see its icon in the app drawer. Tap the icon and it will open Messenger Lite. Now you can use it on your Galaxy Watch 5 just like the phone.

So that’s all on how to get Messenger on Galaxy Watch 5 to connect with your friends and family even when you are away from your phone. If you have any queries shoot your question in the comment section.

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