How to use Apple Watch Ultra’s Action Button with Third-party apps

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Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s latest ultra flagship-grade smartwatch which was announced alongside the iPhone 14 series and Apple Watch Series 8. Since the launch of the Apple Watch, we’ve seen the watch come with one button and a rotating digital crown. But the newly announced Apple Watch Ultra comes with an additional button, which Apple calls it “Action Button”. The button gives you the option to open any certain workout activity or things like a Stopwatch, Backtrack, Dive, etc. But do you know, you can also choose a third-party app that you can instantly open using Action Button. Here’s how you can use Apple Watch Ultra’s Action Button with third-party apps.

By default, the Action Button opens the workout app and is also compatible with other built-in apps available on the watch. With the watchOS 9, Apple let third-party developers implement support for the Action Button, obviously, things will take some time to bring the functionality to every app. But there are some select apps that already get support for the Action Button, these apps are the Redpoint: Bouldering & Climb, the Volo – Kitesurf & Wingfoil, and the GoSUP app.

The new feature support is not available for the apps like Strava yet, but, we can expect a new app update in the coming days with Action Button support. Now if you own an Apple Watch Ultra and want to know how to use the Action Button with third-party apps, then read along to know for more details.

How to use Action Button with Third-party apps on Apple Watch

Before moving ahead to the steps, make sure that your Apple Watch runs on the latest version of watchOS 9. You can easily change the Action Button’s shortcut trigger within the Settings on your Apple Watch Ultra. Now let’s take a look at the steps which you can follow to change the Action Button support.

How to use Apple Watch Ultra's Action Button with Third-party apps
  1. Press the Digital Crown to open the apps list.
  2. Open the Settings on your Apple Watch Ultra or you can open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. Scroll down with a swipe gesture and select Action Button.
  4. You’ll see the Workout or Dive inside the top Action button.
  5. Now select or tap Workout under App.
  6. If you’ve installed third-party apps with Action Button support then you will see the compatible apps on your screen, select the app which you want to open with the Action Button.
  7. Now you can select an action for First Press, this option which allows you to start an activity from the third-party app you’ve selected.
  8. That’s it.

As I said earlier, only a few apps are compatible with the Action Button yet, so you need to wait for a few months to see wider support with third-party apps.

If you still want to know anything related to the Action Button, then leave a comment below.

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