How to get Pixel Smartwatch Watch Faces on any Wear OS 3 Watches

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Google released its first smartwatch in the second half of last year. Since Google has been following the progress of smartwatches, the tech giant managed to get almost everything right on the first try. Along with good design and specs, Pixel Watch also comes with new watchfaces.

If you like the watchfaces on the Pixel Watch, you can get them on other Wear OS 3 watches. Here’s the complete guide on how to install Pixel Smartwatch Watch Faces on any Wear OS 3 smartwatch.

The Google Pixel Watch has several great watchfaces optimized for watches with circular displays. And hence it will look cool on any round smartwatch. Also, it is expected that Google will include more watchfaces through software updates. And so more reason to know how to get Pixel watch faces on any Wear OS smartwatch.

There are currently 18 different watch faces on the Pixel Watch. The collection includes animated analog wallpapers, digital clock faces, watch dials with health metrics, and many more watch faces. It is possible to get all these watch faces on Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and other Wear OS 3 based smartwatches.

How to Install Pixel Watch WatchFaces on Wear OS 3 Watches

If you know how to sideload third party apps on Wear OS, it will be a smooth ride for you. But if you’re a new Wear OS user and haven’t manually installed any apps on the watch, don’t leave out any details as you might end up messing up the watch. Let’s start with the requirements.


  • Wear OS 3 based Smartwatch
  • APK file containing Pixel Watch Faces
  • Connect your Watch and your PC with same WiFi
  • Install ADB and Fastboot driver on PC

Download Pixel Smartwatch Watch Faces APK

To manually install any third party app or extracted watch faces, you need the APK file. Luckily the APK file containing watch faces is available that you will need for this method to work.

You can download the APK file from the download link below.

Enable ADB Debugging

Wear OS watches has ADB feature that can do the same wonders as Android phones. Using ADB Debugging we can sideload any apk on the watch. By default the ADB Debugging is disabled and so you will need to enable it in order to install the APK. Here’s how to enable it.

Step 1: On your Wear OS 3 running Watch, open Settings from App drawer or Quick Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to About Watch > Software Info and open it.

How to get Pixel Watch Faces on Wear OS 3 Watches

Step 3: Now tap seven times on Software Version, and you will see the ‘Developer Mode turned on’ message.

How to get Pixel Watch Faces on Wear OS 3 Watches

Step 4: Go back to Settings and open Developer Options.

How to get Pixel Watch Faces on Wear OS 3 Watches

Step 5: Under Developer Options, turn on the Toggle for ADB Debugging. Also enable Debug Over WiFi option.

How to get Pixel Watch Faces on Wear OS 3 Watches

Install Pixel Watch Watch Faces on other Smartwatches

Step 1: Open the CMD window on your PC. If you have SDK folder for ADB, then open CMD from that location.

Step 2: In the CMD window enter adb connect IPAddress. You need to enter IP Address mentioned below the Debug over WiFi option on your Watch. It will trigger authorization permission on your Watch. Grant the debugging permission.

Step 3: Once the Watch and PC are connected through IP Address, enter the below command to install the Watch face apk.

adb -s IPAddress install watfaceappname.apk

How to get Pixel Watch Faces on Wear OS 3 Watches

Replace IPAddress with value, and enter watchfacename along with its location. If the pixelwatchface.apk is located in C Drive > program file > ADB folder and the IP address is then the command will be like this:

adb -s install "C:\Program Files\adb\pixelwatchface.apk"

Step 4: After installing, it will show a Success message.

You will now see Pixel Watch watchfaces on your Watch. You will be able to apply new watchfaces just like you apply default watch faces.

So this is the way to install Pixel Watch watch face on any smartwatch. This guide can also be used to install other apps. All you need to do is replace apk file. I hope you found the guide useful. And if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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