10 Tips To Increase Google Pixel Watch Battery Life [Battery Saving Tips]

Google Pixel Watch Battery Life is not as you expected? Don't worry with some Settings you can extend its battery life.

Pixel Watch is Google’s first smartwatch. It has become one of the best smartwatches within a year. Every genuine smartwatch has a common problem and that is poor battery life. And Google Pixel Watch also has the same problem. Like recent Wear OS Galaxy watches, its battery life is not up to the mark.

By default, the Pixel Watch has an average battery life of 25 hours (not at full capacity). It is on default settings. And with the change of settings, the battery life can be increased or decreased. Here we are going to share some tips that will help you to extend the battery life of Google Pixel Watch.

Smartwatches with battery life of more than a week exist but they lack many smart features and these features are power hungry which use a lot of resources and thus drain the battery faster. The Pixel Watch has all the features a smartwatch should have but at the expense of some battery.

Samsung and Apple have included larger batteries in their top smartwatches and achieved longer battery life but it also make the watches heavier. Most users prefer compact and lightweight watches. And this could be one of the reasons you bought yourself a Pixel Watch. If you’re here, I assume you already have a Pixel Watch.

Here are every possible battery saving tips you can follow to reduce power consumption and increase Pixel watch battery life. Let’s first go through things responsible for fast battery drain on the Pixel Watch.

  • Cellular Network and Internet
  • Continuous GPS
  • Always on Display
  • Battery life degrades over time
  • Continuous health tracking
  • Hidden power-consuming services

These are some common reasons your Pixel Watch battery drains faster than expected. And if you fix these, you can improve the Pixel watch battery life drastically. Let’s start with the first tip.

Give it some time to learn your usage pattern

If you just got your brand new Pixel watch and you notice poor battery life, give it some time and the battery life will improve. This is the case with almost every smartwatch.

Smartwatches typically learn usage patterns and over time the device begins to perform better, including improved battery life. So give it at least a week to settle in with your usage patterns and you will see the change.

Calibrate Battery

Keeping any device at its full potential requires proper calibration for the various hardware in the device. It’s like resetting hardware components. Just as calibrating a screen improves its quality, calibrating the battery on a device also increases battery life. You can do this to improve the battery life of your Pixel Watch. It is recommended to follow the calibration frequently.

Tips To Increase Google Pixel Watch Battery Life

So how to calibrate the battery on Pixel Watch? It’s very simple, first completely drain your Pixel Watch’s battery. And once the Pixel Watch is switched off, connect it to the charger. Do not turn on the watch, let it fully charge. The calibration is now complete and you can turn on your Pixel Watch.

Turn Off Always on Display

Always On Display is an amazing feature of the Pixel Watch that lets you show the time and other data on your watch. This feature is actually meant to show the time and data while consuming less power (by dimming the display), still it uses the battery simply because the display will be On all the time. So if you don’t need to always show the time on your watch, you can turn it off. Don’t worry, it will still show the time when you look at the clock with the Touch to Wake or Tilt to Wake screen features.

To turn it off you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings on your Pixel Watch. You can open it from quick settings or app drawer.

How to Increase Pixel Watch Battery Life
Image: MadebyGoogle

Step 2: Open Display Settings.

Step 3: Scroll down and disable Always on Display by turning the toggle to Off.

Turning Off Tilt to wake will increase Pixel Watch battery life even more considering you are Ok with touch to wake screen. This means you will only be able to see Pixel watch screen by tapping on the screen or pressing the physical button.

Image: https://youtu.be/I2ay1gFdxOM

Turn Off GPS

GPS is one of the power hungry features which consumes a lot of battery while in use. So if you’re not using GPS, consider turning it off for a massive improvement in battery life. Here’s how to turn off GPS on Pixel Watch.

Step 1: Open Settings on your Google Pixel Watch.

Step 2: Now go to Location settings.

Step 3: Here you can turn off the Location.

Step 4: Then go to Google Location Accuracy and turn off the Accuracy. This is important as it uses WiFi and Bluetooth to detect Accurate location.

Turn Off WiFi

Like other smartwatches, all Google Pixel Watch models have WiFi. WiFi uses less battery than cellular networks. But it still uses some power, so be sure to turn it off when you’re not using it.

Step 1: Open Settings on Pixel Watch.

Step 2: Go to Connectivity option.

How to Increase Pixel Watch Battery Life
Image: MadebyGoogle

Step 3: Here open WiFi and turn it off.

You can also enable and disable WiFi from quick settings.

Reduce Brightness

The peak brightness of Google Pixel Watch is more than enough for indoor and outdoor use. If you are mostly indoors then keep the brightness to a minimum at which the content is clearly visible. Lowering the brightness will increase the battery life of the Pixel Watch. Yes, for outdoor use you may need to increase the brightness.

You can change brightness level directly from Quick Settings or go to Settings > Display > Adjust Brightness.

How to Increase Pixel Watch Battery Life
Image: MadebyGoogle

I like to keep the brightness to a level where the display is clearly visible Indoor and slightly visible for Outdoor use.

Use Minimal Black Watch Face

The more colorful a watchface is, the more battery it will use. You may notice a decrease in battery life after using a heavy watchface, due to heavy display usage. Therefore, to extend the battery life of Pixel Watch, you can use minimal watchfaces.

How to Increase Pixel Watch Battery Life
Image: MadebyGoogle

Use a watch face with black background and less amount of data. Well the Smartwatch looks good with good colorful watchfaces, so you can skip this tip because following other tips will be enough to get you hours of more battery life. Just make sure the watchface has no live animations.

Must Check: How to Install and Apply Custom Watch Faces on Pixel Watch

Turn Off Vibration and Haptics

Vibration and haptic feedback when completing an action also reduces battery life. There are some actions where the Pixel Watch provides haptic feedback. A common action you will be performing frequently that triggers Haptics and vibration is pressing the crown button. So switching it to Off is the best option.

Step 1: On your Pixel Watch open Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and open Vibration.

How to Increase Pixel Watch Battery Life
Image: MadebyGoogle

Step 3: Here you can turn off haptic for Crown or turn the haptic off completely.

Use WiFi for Internet

If you have a Pixel Watch with LTE capabilities, you’ll have the option of connecting to the Internet using WiFi or cellular data. Yes you can also use the internet if the watch is connected to your phone which has an internet connection, but this way the internet on the watch is quite slow as it is connected via bluetooth.

Using the Internet with your cellular network consumes more battery than using the Internet over WiFi. So if you have WiFi available, avoid accessing the internet using the cellular network, use WiFi instead.

Enable Power Saving

Why did I put this tip last? This is because enabling it will limit most of the features of your Pixel Watch. And keeping Power Saving Mode enabled all the time will prevent you from enjoying your Pixel Watch. So I recommend enabling power saving mode when you’re traveling and need the most battery life.

How to Increase Pixel Watch Battery Life
Image: MadebyGoogle

This tip alone should drastically increase the battery life on your Pixel Watch.

So these are some tips that will help you to extend the battery life of your Pixel Watch. When you explore your Pixel Watch, you’ll find a few more settings to improve battery life. Not everyone can apply all these tips as it is their personal choice which features they want to keep or which features they can turn off without affecting the daily experience.


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