12 Best Watch Faces for Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Flaunt your Galaxy Watch 6 with best Watch Faces Available!

We all love smartwatches for many reasons, but a common reason for everyone to love them is the option to enjoy tons on Watch faces. The Galaxy Watch 6 is the absolute latest smartwatch from Samsung and if you have the watch, here are some watch faces you should try.

While Samsung provides a selection of stylish watch faces with the Galaxy Watch 6 series right out of the box, these are just the beginning. You have the option to explore and download a multitude of additional watch faces to customize your smartwatch even further.

We’re all aware that time often escapes us, leaving many users with little to no time to search for new watch faces. But fret not, as I’ve taken care of the browsing part for you and compiled a list of top watch faces catering to a wide range of tastes. Whether you prefer minimalist or captivating watch faces, you’ll find something to suit your style.

I will also mention how you can install them on your Galaxy Watch 6. Let’s now start the list with some good default watchfaces.

1. Perpetual

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6

This is an analog-style watch face with a stylish background. It displays the month, date, day, and time all on one screen. You have the option to switch between two available background designs. While it may not be the most minimalist watch face, it complements the larger Classic models quite nicely.

You can change colors, style, hands for this watch face.

You don’t need to download this watchface manually as this comes pre-installed on your watch. You can apply it from your Watch or use Galaxy Wearable app.

Style: Analog

Download Link

2. Fresh

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6

It is also an analog watchface from Samsung but is not pre-installed by default. You can install it directly from the Galaxy Wearable app. It is available under Graphical category.

The watchface is for those who want minimal analog along with colorful view. It also shows five complications that you cannot customize. You can only customize the color of watchface. Fresh watchface shows steps, floor count, battery, date & time, and heart rate which is also used as seconds hand.

Style: Analog

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3. Stretched Time

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6
Stretched Time

This is a popular watchface on the Galaxy Watch 6 that you might have seen in many TikTok videos. This is a pre-installed analog style watch face with the numbers stretched out, hence the name Stretched Time. Its UI also includes day and date. The stretched numbers look good because they align perfectly between the border and the center of the clock.

The watchface support one customizable complication. You can change the color of the stretched numbers and also the style of the view.

Its pre-installed so you can directly apply it on your Galaxy Watch 6.

Style: Analog

Download Link

4. Health Dashboard+

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6
Health Dashboard+

If you like digital watchfaces and want to have all your health numbers at your fingertips, this is the fantastic Galaxy Watch 6 watchface you can use. It is an informative watchface that includes step count, battery, heart rate, UV, workout shortcut, daily activity number, day, date and weather.

The watchface date is not customizable, but you can change between three different color combinations.

You can install it from Galaxy Wearable app or even from Galaxy Store.

Style: Digital

Download Link

5. RZ260 Free

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6
RZ260 Free

Its a cool watchface from a popular third party app called Facer. RZ260 Free is a digital style watchface which has a cool font for all details like time, seconds animation, stepo count, date, date, battery and heart rate.

You can only customize the time hour format. It looks great even without customization so it will save your time.

To install this watchface, you need to install Facer app on your connected phone, and Facer companion app on your Watch. Then choose Facer as your watchface on your Watch. Then select the watch face from Facer app on your phone. You can search the name in Facer app if you can’t find it.

Style: Digital

Download Link

6. Nothing Style Watchface

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6
Nothing Style Watchface

Nothing is the new tech brand known for transparent tech products like phone and ear buds. And this watchface is inspired by the Nothing Phone monochrome clock which is a pixel dot style digital + analog watchface.

It looks cleans and allow four complications. And you can change these complications. Date and Steps complications are pre-set.

The Watchface is from Muviz app. So first you need to install Muviz app on both your smartphone and smartwatch. Then set Muviz as watchface on your watch. Now open Muviz app on your phone and choose the watchface show in image. You can customize complications from watch itself by long press on watchface.

Style: Digital + Analog

Download Link

7. Venom Watch Face

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6
Venom Watch Face

It is a third party watch face available on Play Store. It is a heavy watch face so not suitable for users who are looking for minimal watchface. So if you like a watchface which is colorful and has many informative data, then this watch face is for you.

It has a cool seconds animation, and on AOD it becomes cleanest watchface. You can access flash, timer, stopwatch, alarm directly from watchface. The watchface your phone battery, watch battery, weather, time, date, month, and year.

To get this watchface on your Galaxy Watch 6, directly download it on your Watch from playstore and apply it.

Style: Digital

Download Link

8. Intrepid

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6

Most users prefer clean and simple watch faces either analog or digital. And apart from looking clean, these have another advantage that it consumes very less power. If you’re a fan of clean UI, you should try Intrepid at least once.

It is an analog watch face which has big main watch numbers with hour, minute, and second hands. By default the hand color is Red, but you can change it to other color from six options.

It’s available under Simple section in Galaxy Wearable app. You can also install it from Galaxy Store.

Style: Analog

Download Link

9. Tomcat

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6

If you like military-style watchfaces, Tomcat is the best choice for the Galaxy Watch 6. It has a heavy metal based UI and analog style. It looks good with different colored large hands and animated seconds hand.

The watchface shows battery in fuel UI, weather stat in speed UI, Steps, and Date. You can only change hands color in the watch face.

To get this watchface on Galaxy Watch 6, you can find it in the Classic section in Galaxy Wearable app. And you can also install it from Galaxy Store.

Style: Analog

Download Link

10. Fitness Centric

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6
Fitness Centric

So far I have been biased towards analog style watch faces so here are some digital style watch faces. Fitness Centric is a great watch face focused on health data, as you might have already guessed from its name.

The watch face shows steps count in a semicircle design along with exact step count just below it. The fitness watch face also has Exercise shortcut, battery power, weather, Time, and date. You can change colors and switch the Steps complication.

You can easily download it from Galaxy Wearable app or directly install from Galaxy Store.

Style: Digital

Download Link

11. Prime from Pixel Watch

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6
Prime from Pixel Watch

The Pixel Watch has the cleanest watchfaces. And Prime is the minimalist watchface among them all. This is a digital style watchface that is easy to read. It does not contain numbers but instead shows text which is even easier to understand. If the time is 9:30, it will show nine thirty.

You can add one complication in the watchface of your choice and also will be able to change color of the text.

You can follow our guide to install Pixel Watchfaces on wear os watches. Remember to use the old version of pixel watchface apk.

Style: Digital

12. Bitmoji or AR Emoji

Best Watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6
Bitmoji or AR Emoji

If you don’t care about the battery life, you can also set attractive Bitmoji or AR Emoji watchfaces. You will be able to create and set the animated version of you in the watchface. Setting up the watchface requires downloading Bitmoji/ARemoji on your phone unless you want to keep the default characters.

These watchfaces are highly customizable. You can add various complications, clock style and more.

You can install these watchfaces from Galaxy Wearable app or from Galaxy Store.

Style: Digital

Download Link

Why I suggested only a few third party watch faces?

Although there are thousands of watchface options available, not every watchface is good. Also there is difficulty in getting good ones. Since these are third party watchfaces, they require syncing and therefore you may see some lag on third party watchfaces. And most of the third party watchfaces are paid, and I have tried to keep only free watchfaces.

To try third party watchfaces you will need to install their companion app separately which may not be power friendly. There are many other reasons that you will find yourself after trying some third party watchfaces. If some watchface packs are available for direct install such as Pixel Watchface Pack, then this is the best option as you can manage them directly from the Galaxy Wearable app.

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